Cecilia Ramirez Corzo Robledo

Cecilia Ramirez Corzo Robledo

update: 2011.7.1

Cecilia Ramirez Corzo Robledo
Visual Art
Research Residency Program (2011.7 - 2011.9)
Open Studio (2011.8 - 2011.8)

Born in 1979. Graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in 2005.

Recent 5 main activities are
Solo exhibit (Sereno Disturbio /2010/Casa del Lago UNAM, Mexico City.),
Group show (Environments/2010/Cain Schultz Gallery, USA),
Group show (Belleza do Erro /2009/LX Factory Portugal),
RBS-Malihom Residency Program (/2009/Malaysia),
Architecture Housing proyect (LAAM House/2011/LA, California).

An architecture graduate from the Architectural Association in London, currently building a house in Los Angeles California.
Her recent past artistic activities took place in Mexico with some international exhibitions in the USA and Europe.
In 2003 Cecilia was part of the creative research team of Fabrica in Italy. Doing there her first art commission for a public site specific art work.

About works / performance
One of the main concepts in my creative process and research, is the focus in the study of the overlaid time and space sequences at the different urban scales and distances. Home and city (intimate and exterior): "the one in the many and the many in the one".
On one hand is to work on a bigger scale, bringing together parts of the city and create reconstructions from the existing to connect at a visual level what is perhaps disconnected in the physical everyday life; A sort of connection of the vastness of the urban scale.
On the other hand is to investigate and observe the everyday relationship we have with common objects and smaller spaces such as our own home or even a single room.
I like work with textures, light, spaces, that we come in contact on a regular basis; reconstruct objects or situations that we may not see fully because of their commonness. I'm interested in what gets us to stop and look, as opposed to simply consuming images passively.

Sereno Disturbio
2010/EPS Box, sensors, LED's/variable

Warm Cup
2007/sensor,light, ceramic,textile,vacuum pack/variable

2006/recycled cabinets and chair/83x103x59 cm

Un cuarto dentro de una ventana
2006/recycled doors, windows, textile, light/130x84x74 cm


23=2 mm2
2008/graphite on paper/ variable


Plastic Tree series 03
2010/c-print hand cut collage/200x300 cm