OH Haji

OH Haji

update: 2024.1.17


Born in Osaka in 1976. 3rd generation of Korean-Japanese.
Oh studied and received her M.A. from Kyoto City University from the Crafts Division, Dyeing and Weaving Department in 2002.

2002-2004: She pursued her studies in Korea and followed Hanbok-making class at the National Folk Museum, Seoul. She coordinated the exhibition for Overseas Korean Diaspora Artists at Kyoto Art Center in 2004, showed same exhibition in Hong Kong in 2005. She has participated mostly in Kyoto and Korea in individual and group exhibitions. These are the reason why she uses a folk costume as her art. She believes dyeing and weaving clothes can express the accumulation of time and mind.

About works / performance

Exhibition "ZONE - POETIC MOMENT -" (2005, TWS Hongo)