ONO Yumiko

ONO Yumiko


Born in Kobe, Japan. Lives and works in Hyogo, Japan. Graduated with an MA from St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy in 2018.
Having studied also in Hungary, Czech Republic, Israel and Russia with government scholarships, Ono currently works internationally including the USA and Asia in the field of contemporary art.

Recent exhibitions
2022 “BIWAKO BIENNALE 2022,” Former Kondo Kimono Shop, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
2022 “Unbuilt,” Gallery Arthaus, Moscow
2019-2020 “Epitomes,” Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei
2020 “Organic Matter,” Diem Phung Thi Museum, Hue, Vietnam
2019 “Utopia,” Slag Gallery, New York

Grants and residency
2022 Franconia Sculpture Park Fellowship
2022 Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation grant
2019 TAV x MoCA Taipei Residency program

About works / performance

Ono's central theme is utopia and she creates fictive architecture based on her research on the relationship between the East, the West and Japan in the field of architecture since she considers Japan as a country between the East and the West. Her majour mediums are drawing on tracing paper and slip cast porcelain. By using anti-architectural materials such as ceramics, paper and textile, she critiques the fragility and fictionality of utopia itself. Additionally, she is lately interested in investigating the possibility of scalable works, which could fit in any size of exhibition site by multiplying objects using various kind of molds.

Hisai project 2021-2022, clay, size variable

Utopia 2018, porcelain, 60x60x60mm, 181g x 196 pieces

Fluctuation 2021, ceramic, wood, size variable

Pan-city9,10 2019, porcelain, 790x790x790mm, 460x460x230mm
Photo: Kohler Co., courtesy of John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Unbuilt 2022, textile, iron, concrete, 2000x3000mm x4 pieces

Epitomes 2019, paper, wood, porcelain, size variable