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Moritz NEUMÜLLER (ArteConTacto)

update: 2024.4.4

Moritz NEUMÜLLER (ArteConTacto)
Other (Tactile photography, participative artistic research)
Research Residency Program (2024.2 - 2024.3)
Open Studio (2024.3 - 2024.3)

Born in 1972 in Linz. Lives and works in Linz and Barcelona. Graduated with an MA in Art History from University of Vienna in 2001.
Moritz Neumüller is a curator, educator and cultural activist. His artistic practice is focused on participative research, by running workshops for blind and seeing photographers. The results are tactile photographs, made with traditional craft techniques, but also CNC milling and 3D printing. 

Recent exhibitions
2023 “Liangzhou Festival 'Promises to Keep,'” Liangzhou, China
2023 “Photobook Week,” Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark
2019 “ARCHES project exhibition,” Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid
2019 “Open Studio Exhibition,” (together with Paul Kranzler) Studio of Paul Kranzler, Linz, Austria
2015 “LE PROJET KAIROUAN 'Tactile Photograpy,'” Kairouan and Tunis, Tunisia 

Recent awards
2020 "Horizon Impact Award" for ARCHES Project, EU
2019 "Key Innovator for Participatory Research Methodology," European Commission
2015 "Design For All Award," Honourable Mention for the project ArteConTacto, Design for All Foundation, Barcelona 

About workshop activities

The workshops consist of a preparatory phase, which are informal meetings, in which existing prototypes are shown and the medium of tactile photography is explained. Then there are several days in which blind and sighted photographers work side by side with the camera. The production of new works in diverse techniques also takes place in this phase. The works are the basis for the 3D printing process. The results will involve handmade, CNC-milled, paper-printed and 3D-printed multisensory materials to dialogue with all senses.

Testing of tactile materials in an exhibition setting
ⓒNelson Ramírez de Arellano

Exhibition of Tactile Photographs in Tunesia, 2015
ⓒMoritz Neumüller

Photograph of the Bir Barouta building, Kairouan, Tunesia 2015
ⓒMoritz Neumüller

Stereoscopic photograph of the Bir Barouta building, Kairouan, Tunesia 2015
ⓒMoritz Neumüller

3D printed Tactile Photograph of the Bir Barouta building, Kairouan, Tunesia 2015
ⓒMoritz Neumüller