NAGAI Nozomi×MEGURO Yosuke

NAGAI Nozomi×MEGURO Yosuke

update: 2019.9.1

NAGAI Nozomi×MEGURO Yosuke
Performing Art
OPEN SITE (2020.1 - 2020.1)

An artistic unit formed in 2019 by NAGAI Nozomi (puppeteer/artist), who uses soft materials and her artistic sensibility to create puppets and bring them to life, and MEGURO Yosuke (director/puppeteer), who traverses the gap between technique and artistic expression to create unique and poetical worlds with elaborate structures.

NAGAI Nozomi | Born in 1984. Lives and works in Tokyo. Graduated with a BA from Kanazawa College of Art. Director of NEMURI DORI company.

Recent activities: 
NEMURIDORI company+CorGlassFools!' France tour, Subsidy: Fondation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa, 2019
"Izmir international Puppet days," Turk, 2018
CorGlassFools! "The day when the flower falls, "Apoc theater, Tokyo, 2017

Recent awards: 
UNIMA: Youth In Progress international residence, UNIMA Youth Commission/UNIMA Russia/international puppetry festival “Ryazanskie Smotriny,” 2019
Artist award “P,” Aichi puppetry center, 2012

MEGURO Yosuke | Born in 1985. Artistic director of Nagamekurasitsu contemporary circus.

Recent activities:
Nagamekurasitsu "Kyori no Kokyu," Shinmai Media Garden, Nagano, 2019
Nagamekurasitsu "Setagaya Kodomo Project 2018 'Ura no Ura ha,'" Theatre Tram, Tokyo, 2018

Recent award:
"Heaven Artist" obtained a license, Bureau of Citizens and Cultural Affairs, 2003

About works / performance

NEMURIDORI company “the son of the moon2019” ©SHISHINOTANINO Lion

MEGURO Yosuke ©Smith Kageaki