Paribartana MOHANTY

Paribartana MOHANTY


Born in 1982/06/22

Recent 5 main activities are:
2013 ' Rendez-vous 13' As a preview of the 12th Biennial of Lyon, France.
2013, 'Ideas Of The Sublime' curated by Gayatri Sinha, Rabindra Bhavan, New delhi.
2012, Sarai Reader: 9 EXHIBITION, Curated by Raqs Media Collective, Devi Art Foundation, Delhi.
2012, Kino Is the Name of a Forest, FICA Emerging Artists Award - Solo Exhibition, Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi (IN)

2011, Three-months residency hosted by Stadt galerie, Bern (Switzerland) in collaboration with Pro Helvetia (Swiss Arts Council) and FICA

2010, Awarded 'the City as Studio' - Sarai-CSDS Media Lab Associate Fellowship for Contemporary Art and Media Practices and Residency
2011, Awarded with FICA Public Art Grant 2011 as Part of 'WALA' (an artist-writer collective of three: Paribartana Mohanty + Sujit Mallick + Akansha Rastogi)

About works / performance

Conversation is a challenge to pedagogy; it is a response to the threat, fear and insecurity that our time produces. History and archive has been a dominant force and source of in my practice earlier, to reate dialogues. Now I am searching other possibilities to have conversations, different ways talk, other forms of argument, searching more conditions for life. So I am planning to stage conversations. I am interested to create propositions or provocation for conversations. Continuing the research I have started small experiments. My current project 'Act the Victim' is a proposition to start dialogue. It is a provocation to converse/talk/argue with the contemporary, memory and dream. I am interested in the notion of public that has no form, considered as a crowd, chaos. I feel the urge to go to the public talking to people and collect narratives. I am interested in the mass memory, which never could be a part of our value system, never became knowledge. I love the idea of fiction and story telling.

1Paribartana_The Tourist.jpg
The Tourist, 2013, Digital print on archival paper, 24"x 36"

2 Paribartana_Snake Charmer.jpg
Snake Charmer, 2013, Video, 33"x 48"

3 Paribartana_Apparatus.jpg
Apparatus, 2011, Video, Variable

4 Paribartana_Act The Victim.jpg<
Act The Victim, 2012/13, performance/audition, Inder Salim

5 Paribartana_Act The Victim.jpg
Act The Victim, 2012/13, performance/audition, Amit Slathia

6 Paribartana_Act The Victim.jpg
Act The Victim, 2012/13, performance/audition, Tanvi Jaswal