Born in 1974 in Ibaraki, Japan. Lives and works in Hitachi-Ota(Ibaraki), Japan. Graduated with a BA from Department of Aesthetics and Art History, Jissen Women’s University in 1998.
Photographer and artist, after working as a curator. Matsumoto presents photography, text, sound, and video works based around the theme of movement in nature, humanity, and people’s daily lives. In recent years, she has launched projects such as “There Is Something About Maison Kenpoku ”(2018-), sharing her research process in Ibaraki Prefecture, where she is based. She organizes and runs Maison Kenpoku, a project focused on opening spaces in the community.

Recent exhibitions:
2022 "Look Exhaustively," The Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC), Aomori, Japan
2021 "stories of Little Miekos," Hitachi City Audio Visual Center/Online, Ibaraki, Japan
2020 "The Yokohama Paratriennale 2020 Art Exhibition  'In time you'll be heard,'" book project/online
2017 "The Second Stage at GG #46 Matsumoto Mieko 'I know where here is.,'" Guardian Garden, Tokyo
2016 "KENPOKU ART 2016," the shopping distinct in front of Hitachitaga Station[A former Bank], Ibaraki, Japan

2004 "The 6th Singpoosha / Hirama Itaru Photo Award," the Hirama Itaru Award (grand prize), Japan 
2003 "Young Portfolio 2003," Kiyosato Photo Art Museum, Japan
2000 "The 15th Photography Hitotsubo Exhibition," Guardian Garden, Japan

About works / performance

Matsumoto sees the natural environment, including geology, resources and topography, as one of the foundations of society. She has been interested in the individual stories that arise from modern history and industry base on the geology and topography, and in the politics and sociality of the environment and landscapes. In recent years, she has attempted to visualise the mutual influence of the natural environment and human society, as well as the emotions and illusions that arise from them, using a variety of media including photography, film, sound, text, war relics and light.

The Landscapes We Made 2022, lambda print, variable size

The 46th City 2022, mixed media, variable size
Photo: KIOKU keizo

The Gohst of a Motsuke 2022, single-channel video, 20min.
Photo: KIOKU keizo

Seeing One’s Own Grave 2022, mixed media, various sizes, 9min.
Photo: KIOKU keizo

I Hope to See It Too One Day 2020, photography, text

Phantom Of Mountain 2016, Multi slide projection, sound, 15min. each, lambdaprinted acrylic mount