Tuomas A. LAITINEN (Myriagon)

Tuomas A. LAITINEN (Myriagon)

update: 2022.10.12

Tuomas A. LAITINEN (Myriagon)
Visual Art
Sound & Music
Performing Art
Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad) (2022.9 - 2022.11)
Open Studio (2022.11 - 2022.11)

Graduated with an MA in Department of time and space from The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki in 2008

Tuomas A. Laitinen works with video installations, sound, glass as well as chemical and microbial processes. Laitinen is interested in ecological issues, the formation of proposals for knowledge, and porous systems. In recent years, Laitinen has been working extensively with octopuses, making biomorphic glass habitats for these lifeforms.

Recent exhibitions and activities
2022  "TAL & Sapiduz Ensemble" AV Concert, Flow Festival, Helsinki
2021  "Boneless One" Solo Exhibition, Yeh Art Gallery, New York
2021   Helsinki Biennale, Vallisaari, Helsinki
2018   21st Sydney Biennale "Superposition", MCA, Sydney
2018  "Myriagon Word Worlds", performance, Seoul Media City Biennale, SeMA Seoul Museum of Art  

Awards and Grants
2021 AVEK Award for Media Art 
2013 Fine Arts Academy Award 
2006 Paulo Foundation Award Exhibition 

About works

Laitinen's artistic practice and research emerge as layered and multisensorial installations that ask questions about the activity and reactions in different ecosystems, moving seamlessly from microscopical particles to society’s power relationships to mythologies. His works are proposals for contact zones, where different lifeforms and materials are entangled in shapeshifting continuums. Continuous change and material transparency are key features of the works. He has been influenced by science fiction and philosophies that seek to outline new foundations for coexistence on Earth.

Haemocyanin  2019, UHD video, 08:02

PsiZone 2021, video, ultrasonic audio, glass, light 
Maija Toivanen / HAM / Helsinki Biennial

The Cauldron 2022, multichannel ultrasonic sound installation, copper sulfate, glass 
Courtesy of the artist and Helsinki Contemporary,
Photo: Jussi Tiainen

Conductor 2014, four-channel video installation, audio, scrim screens

From the series A Proposal for an Octopus 2019-ongoing, free blown glass, Courtesy of the artist and Helsinki Contemporary, Photo: Jussi Tiainen