KAMEHKHOSH is a designer, visual artist and performer. 
Born in Tehran, Iran. Lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Graduated from Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art-Art and Media, Master of Arts, Aalto University. 

Recent Exhibitions
2022  "Saturdays" Myymälä, 2 Gallery, Helsinki
2022  "Material as Honey", Azad Gallery, Tehran 
2021  "Mirrored", MUU Contemporary Art Center, Helsnki 
2020  "Dast-Furushi", The 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial

Recent Awards and Grants
2022 Helsinki International Artist Program(HIAP), Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki
2021 Honorble mention piece of the 11th National Ceramic Biennial of Iran(collaboration with Furug Noei) 


His practice explores the matter of "being in the world" in the context of the interaction between the daily life and the experience of life on the existential level. His work often employs objects and materials that manifest contemporary human everyday aesthetics and various religious narratives that define the position of humans in relation to the universe and beyond. His works maneuver on the borders of the inner and external world, natural and supernatural, seen and unseen. 

Honey As Material/Material As Honey 2019-2022, Performance, produced in Espoo, Finland,
Photo by Aman Askarizad

Only & Only If you stare at my hands 2017, Performance, 30minutes, "Thing(ing)" Solo Show, Azad Gallery, Tehran,
Photo by Mahshid Alimadad

POPLAR TREES 2022 performance, 4000minutes, SUOMI art fair, Helsinki,
Photo by Kamila Sladowska

In the Presence of a Glass of Milk 2021, photographic performance, Muenster Germany,
Photo by Iman Kamehkhosh 

PROXIMITY 2019-, Sculpture, Oak Wood, Natural felt and steel