JUNG Ji-Hyun

JUNG Ji-Hyun


Born in 1983. Graduated from MFA in photography at Chung-Ang University(Seoul, Korea)in 2012(year).

personal exhibitions
Oppo-Site, 2014, Total Museum Project space The room, Seoul, Korea
Demolition Site, 2014 , KT&G Sangsangmadang, Seoul, Korea
Construction Site, 2013 , SongEun ArtCube, Seoul, Korea

group exhibitions
Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival, 2015, Toronto, Canada
Site & Place (Duet exhibition), 2014, Doosan Gallery, New York, US

My photographs document the changing scenery of the city by visiting spaces that are not easily accessible such as redevelopment sites and new town construction sites, intervening in the transformative process. My works were selected as part of Outstanding portfolio at Daegu Photo Biennale (2014), the 36th 《JoongAng Fine-Arts Prize》 (2013), and KT&G Sangsangmadang Korean 《Photographer's Fellowship》(2013).
I was activity in 'Incheon Art Platform 5th& 4th Artist Residency, Incheon, Korea'.
Now I am activity in 'National Museum of Contemporary Art Residency 11st Artist, Goyang, Korea'.

About works / performance

Jihyun01.Demolition Site 01 Inside_Pigment print_120x160cm_2013.jpg

Demolition Site 01 Inside Pigment print 120x160cm 2013

Jihyun02.Demolition Site 03 Outside_Pigment print_120x160cm_2013.jpg

Demolition Site 03 Outside Pigment print 120x160cm 2013

Jihyun03.Demolition Site 04 Outside_Pigment print_120x160cm_2013.jpg
Demolition Site 04 Outside Pigment print 120x160cm 2013

jihyun04.Demolition Site 06 Outside_Pigment print_120x160cm_2013.jpg
Demolition Site 06 Outside Pigment print 120x160cm 2013

I sneaked into a building that was scheduled to be torn down, and painted the inner walls red before I photographed them. After the demolition I went in again, looking for traces of that red paint. By documenting the red walls that were broken down into smaller and smaller pieces as the building was de-stroyed, I chased after the fate of this red room that would, in the end, disappear into the void as an anonymous piece of concrete. The red room was a private space that dissolved when faced with a system of redevelopment. I reveal what kind of space the city we are living in is, and how the city as a place of community is vanishing. It is how I raise questions about the rash thoughtlessness of urbanization. Finding the red room where traces of an individual's life still reside from within the spectacle of demolition is a work to recover and recognize the city as a place for living.

Jihyun07.Red Room (JoongAng Fine Arts Prize installation view, Korea)_Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl_320x23870cm_2014.jpg
Red Room (JoongAng Fine Arts Prize installation view, Korea)
Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl 320x23870cm 2014

Jihyun06.Red Room (CONTACT Photography Festival installation view, Canada)_Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl_667X1812cm_2015.jpg

Red Room (CONTACT Photography Festival installation view, Canada)
Inkjet print on adhesive vinyl 667X1812cm 2015
*This image is installation view in CONTACT Photography Festival Canada.
Large-scale mural is positioned on a building that is also destined for demolition and redevelopment.

started with printing out a part of the red room, which was exposed outside because of the demolition. I filled the wall of an exhibition space in the dark room I intentionally made with the print. Then I installed spot lamps there and made them light up the red traces. I wanted to reenact the moment I discovered the red traces. Also, by choosing installation as my display style, I tried to overcome the limitation of the traditional photo display style, where all the photos are exhibited in regular sized-frames.