Born in 1977.

Recent 5 main activities are:
Adbusters Lecture (2013, Istanbul Arts Biennale public programme, Istanbul, Turkey), Adbusters Workshop (2012, We Can Create, Auckland, New Zealand), Adbusters Lecture (2012, Bonus Creative Week , Mexico City, Mexico), Terror-Mon-Amour Solo Show (2007, StolenSpace Gallery, London, UK), Friendly Fire (with Jonathan Barnbrook) (2004, Ginza Graphics Gallery, Tokyo, Japan).

I've been giving lectures & presentations through out the years of 2012-2013 as a creative director from Adbusters Magazine. After the succesfull launch of the #OccupyWallStreet meme, the team at Adbusters has been called in to participate in events in Vancouver (Canada), Auckland (New Zealand) & Mexico City (Mexico).

About works / performance

My main activity is to use graphic design & communications as a creative tool to ignite campaigns for social and political change in the world. Today more than never aesthetics & communications has an unprecedented power to create narratives. The internet & social networks gives us a tremendous opportunity: We might have -- for the first time in history -- an actual chance to create change. We have all became aware of each other. We can all create culture with no mediations. We can elect & officialize whichever narrative we want. This is a window of opportunity we never had before in the history of humanity. Creativity today should not be only concerned with objects & services. Creatives should be proposing not only ideas and solutions, but mindsets and culture.

1.Pedro_ Adbusters #94.jpg

Adbusters #94 Cover (Magazine Creative Direction)
2011, 200 x 260mm, Off-set, Magazine

2.Pedro_Adbusters #110.jpg

Adbusters #110 Cover (Magazine Creative Direction)
2013, 200 x 260mm, Off-set, Magazine

3.Pedro_Adbusters #111.jpg

Adbusters #111 Cover (Magazine Creative Direction)
2013, 200 x 260mm, Off-set, Magazine

4.Pedro_Meme Wars.jpg

Meme Wars: The Creative Destruction of Neoclassical Economics
2012, 215 x 280 mm, Off-set, Publish by Penguin (UK) & 7 Stories Press (US)

5.Pedro_Des flores.jpg

Des Flores

2010, 1300 x 1900 mm, Lambda print