Born in 1971 Graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1994.
8GG is a New media duo in Beijing composed of Fu Yu and Jia Haiqing . Our works include music, video, installation, drama, and web art. We successfully developed our own real-time performing audio-visual system in 2002, which integrates sounds and images featuring a more musical nature and physical control. We had conducted many audio-visual shows in a large number of events in various cities around the word.
Most of Our interactive installation allows viewer to take part in the works. The special programmed sensor reacts accordingly to the viewer's action to provide different sequence and result.
8gg has shown in ARS Electronica austria, EXCESS new media festival in Australia, VELOCITY Festival of Digital Culture in UK, FILE in Brazil, Shanghai Biennial, Kunstmuseum Bern, ICA London, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center New York and other occasions.

Recent main activities are
1. Interactive installation / Vip room /the 4th August to 4th September 2011 / Edinburgh art festival in UK

2. VJ performance / China drifting / 12 and 13 Aug 2011 / at the Rote Fabrik. In Zurich Switzerland

3. interactive installation /  A Trip in the Darkness  / 29 Sep to 29 Nov 2011 /  chengdu biennale in Chengdu China

4. VJ performance/  22th Oct 2011/  Microsoft TEC ED conference Beijing China

5. Video / News dance / October 19-23 2011 / NeoFolk - South East Asia contemporay art exhibition at Cutlog art fair Paris, France

About works / performance

Our works challenge our habitual interactions to the outside world, and demonstrate new possibility of engaging with media in both public and gallery space.


boutique shanghai
2004.12 computer, projector

opening performance of "steps"-international dance festival
2006.4 computer, projector, speakers

The hearing memory related to colors
2009.5 computer, projector, sound system, webcam

2003.10 computer, projector

the air been broken
2007.10 computer, projector, sound system,