HOJO Tomoko

HOJO Tomoko


Born in 1988 in Aichi. Works in Tokyo.
Graduated with an MA in London College of Communication from University of the Arts London.
Tomoko Hojo is an artist working within the fluidity between Sound, Music and Performance. Recently Hojo develops projects around Yoko Ono in Tokyo and London, based upon the theme that makes (women’s) silenced voices audible in the history. She also works as Hojo+Kraft with Rahel Kraft, Swiss born musician and Artist, seeking for hidden, faint and intimate sounds, which are often inaudible in the relationship between people and place.

Recent exhibitions:
“Sotto Voce,” Emerging 2019, TOKAS Hongo, Tokyo
“My Place/My Sound,” Presented as Hojo+Kraft, Kyoto Art Center, 2019
"The Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2019," The Museum of Modern Art Gunma
"Lost and Found," Kotolňa, Košice, Slovakia, 2018
"Unfinished Descriptions," Hundred Years Gallery, London, 2018

Recent activities:
Shinonome 東雲, Presented as Hojo+Kraft, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2019
Solo performance in Laure Genillard Gallery, London, 2018
INNERN, Presented as Hojo+Kraft, NAIRS, Scuol, Switzerland, 2018

Recent awards and grants:
New York Fellowship, Asian Cultural Council, 2019
The arts and culture grant, Nomura Foundation, 2019
Grants for Overseas Study by Young Artists, The Pola Art Foundation, 2017
Arts Council Tokyo Grant Program [Single Grants], 2016
Acanthus Music Prize, Tokyo University of the Arts in Graduate School of Music, 2015

About works / performance

Wish Piece II, 2018 ©️Raquel Diniz

Breath, 2018 ©️Raquel Diniz

Sotto Voce, 2019 Photo: Ken Kato

Sotto Voce, 2019 Photo: Ken Kato

Stained Score, 2018, Paper, Tea Stains, Thread, 500*6000m, 13minute audio(stereo)

Making Documentation of That Moment, 2015, Photographs, video, sound, diaries, objects, scores, video :10 minutes, audio: 30 minutes, Variable size