update: 2013.4.1

Born in 1965. Graduated from "Jesús Guridi" High School of Music, and "Scuola Civica" in Vitoria, Spain(1991) and Milan (1993).
Recent 5 main activities are:
Concert ("Amor Fiero"/ 2013-03-05/ Cycle Contemporary Music, BBVA Foundation. Bilbao, Spain)
Concert ("Flaxa" /2013-03-27/ Festival Musiques & Recherches. Brussels)
Opera ("Despertar a la Vida es Sueño"/ 2012-11-26/ Festival Bernaola. Jesús Guridi. Vitoria, Spain)
Exhibition ("Kontuari Kontu"/2012 July-August/ Koldo Mitxelena. San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain)
Concert ("Erantzungor" /2009/ Diotima Quartet, Festival Quincena Musical. Donostia, Spain)
Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena, is a composer and teacher. Since 2002, she teaches Harmony-Counterpoint in
MUSIKENE, Higher School of Music (Basque Country, Spain).
Artist in residence,"LEC" Lisbon 2009, USF Bergen, Norway 2010, VICC, Visby,Sweden 2011.

She is frequently commissionned by several institutions such as: Spanish Ministry of Culture, INAEM grant 2012-13, Autor Foundation- Bilbao Orchestra, grant 2013, BBVA Foundation, grant 2013, Phonos Foundation, grant 2013, CDMC, grant 2010 (Festival Alicante), Basque Government (2012, 2010, 2008, 2007), Basque National Orchestra (Izarrarri, 2006).

Orchestrator of several films, Gerenabarrena has written pieces for orchestra, chamber ensembles, theatre, dance, animation, acousmatic, sound installations and multidisciplinary shows.

Her work have all been performed in international festivals as: Contemporary Music FBBVA, SINKRO, Quincena Musical, Musiques & Recherches ("Flaxa" 2013, Brussels), EMU Festival ("Flaxa" 2012 "Azalpean" 2009, Rome), Bernaola Festival ("Despertar a la Vida es Sueño" 2012), Festival Klem, "Musikagileak Festival" Musikaste, Visiones Sonoras, Electrovisiones, Chihuahua Festival (Mexico), Borealis ("Bihotz Bi" 2011, Norway), Musica Viva ("Atravessare a noite, 2010 Lisbon), ), Elektrophonie ("Deikun", "Ur" 2010), Wealr 09 Fullerton ("Ur Hotz" 2009) Guggenheim Inaugural Session Bilbao ("Itxidiki" 1997) ...

About works / performance
Exploring the sound and the relationship that takes place with the surroundings, the people and the reaction with the individual listeners.
To take the listener to imaginary, new sonorous worlds, that they can connect with the depth of human beings,trying to open doors or to provoke questions about the active listening.
Explore the poetry of sound, searching for the timbrical relationships between sounds, in time, and its relationships with memory.

Despertar a La vida es Sueño, 2012, Electronic opera. Bernaola Festival. Photo: Fernando Mtz de Eredita

Despertar a La vida es Sueño, 2012, Electronic opera. Bernaola Festival. Photo: Fernando Mtz de Eredita


Kontuari Kontu 2012, Installation multichannel.

AKUSMA 2009, Sonorous diffusion. SINKRO Festival

Harribizi 2008, Multidisciplinary performance. Luna Krea.

A Contra Luz 2006. Dance, sax, sensors, live electronics.