update: 2013.12.1


Born in 1960.
Graduated from Fine Art Academy, Brussels, Belgium in 1996.

Recent 5 main activities (personal exhibitions, group exhibitions, concerts) are:
'International Women's Day', 2013, Museum Art Centre "Rabochiy i kolkhoznitsa", Moscow (RU), 'Acts of presents', iMAL, 2013, Brussels (BE), 'Parallel Dimensions' solo, 2013, Marion De Cannière gallery, Antwerp (BE), 'The Timekeeper', 2012, The State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg (RU), 'Passion Bild. Russische Kunst seit 1970', 2012, Kunst Museum, Bern (CH).
'Capital of Nowhere' 2013, Università Ca' Foscari, Venice (IT), 'Sign & Time' 2011, ConcentArt with Transmediale 11, Berlin (DE), Mediations Biennale, 2010, Poznan (PL), Solo show, 2009, XL gallery, Moscow (RU), FILE festival exhibition, 2009, San Paulo (BR), 'Psyche and the Digital' solo show, 2007, Neutral Ground gallery, Regina (CA), Festival 'Rencontres international Paris/Berlin/Madrid' 2007 (FR/DE/ES), Solo show, 2006, Kunstencentrum Netwerk, Aalst (BE)
First price for best monochanel video, VAD Festival Internacional de Vídeo i Arts Digitals, Girona (ES) - 2005
Netwerk, 2013, Aalst (BE), Residency Unlimited, 2011, New York (USA)

About works / performance

The future is not obvious concept, but a cultural construction and projection. For the people living in middle Ages, living in the sphere of a theological culture, perfection was placed in the past, in the time when God created the universe and mankind. Therefore, historical existence takes the shape of the fall, the abandonment and forgetting the origin perfection and unity.
The rise of the myth of the future is rooted in modern capitalism, in the experience of the expansion of the economy and knowledge. The idea of the future will be better then the present is not a natural idea, but the imaginary effect of the peculiarity of the bourgeois production model.

Research project focuses on how the speed of information and its diversity transmitted by Internet, social networks, and video games influence people and their notion of the future as a cultural construction and projection; and how art can help to construct the better FUTURE.


Breathless, 2012, installation, LEDs interactive sculpture, 1x2 m each


Cycloramadrome, 2013, installation, video projection, aluminium structure


Alien Space, 2008, installation, ballons, metal structure, inside


Alien Space, 2008, installation, ballons, metal structure, Sacha Georg

Limited Spaces n2, Screen, 2005, installation, performance


Limited Spaces n1, Cube, 2004, installation, 4 sides video projection, performance