update: 2023.5.9


Born in Brazil in 1981. Graduated with an MA in Music from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2008.
Paulo Dantas works as composer and sound artist, teacher and sound technician. In his recent artistic production, he has been interested in promoting dialogues between music, field recording, sound design and other art forms, through speculative uses of recording devices, synthesizers, texts and other objects.

Recent activities:
2023 “Peel Slowly and See Festival” Leiden, The Nederlands
2020 “Novas Frequências International Festival” online, Rio de Janeiro
2019 “Novas Frequências International Festival” Oi Futuro Museum, Rio de Janeiro
2019 “Oscillation Festival” Le Lac , Brussels
2018 “The Effort to be Modified by the Field” Q-O2, Brussels

2021, The Virtual Partner Residency, with Catenation. Goethe Institut, Berlin / Rio
2018, Interfaces: Q-O2 / Creative Europe Programme. Artist in Residency
2016, Composer in Residency at EMS - Stockholm

About works

Since 2009 Dantas has been trying to stretch and transcend the limits of his music and sound work, so that they could cross boundaries, leak and absorb what is around and beyond them.
Sometimes he does this exploring specific materials such as jumps between extremes of intensity, from loud sounds to"silence"; or using feedback, a phenomenon that blurs the limits between sound producing devices and its surroundings: feedback is the ambient playing the device playing the ambient. Other times he does this recurring to field recording. This practice opened to him the possibility of creating works that aim to simultaneously be music, sound journals, collections of memories and storytelling.

Conversations 2019, conversations recordings, recorder, megaphone and the city of Brussels

[bʁy.sɛl] | [ˈbrʏ.səl] 2019, recordings, recorders, mixing desk and text

Cidade Arquipélago 2015, album (cd, liner notes, photographs)

->opn(mantra) 2016, recordings, score

mono.4 2015, electric guitars, ebows, pendulum pickup