Born in Bohol, Philippines in 1988. Graduated with a MA in Sculpture from Royal College of Art in 2017.
Rhine Bernardino (They/Them) is a London-based artist, independent curator and researcher, with a background in filmmaking. They have been doing an extensive field research on art collectives, alternative spaces and community-based art projects in different contexts across the globe.

Recent exhibitions:
2022 "Pitch and Mix" Southbank Centre, London
2022 "Di/visible Re/Public" M+, Hong Kong
2022 "Art Fair Philippines" Orange Project, Bacolod, Philippines
2020-21 "Kalibutan: The World in Mind" Viva Excon Biennale, Bacolod, Philippines
2020 "Celsius Programme for Lincoln Live" Mansions of the Future/UK Antarctic Heritage, Lincoln, UK

Recent awards:
2022 British Council and Unlimited Micro Grant
2022 International Research Programme, Danish Arts Foundation
2020-21 Unlimited and Bagri Foundation Research Grant

About works

Bernardino’s work problematizes the body as both a physical entity and a blueprint that carries numerous symbolisms, histories and associations. In line with this research are extensive collaborations with artists and groups of people from differing fields, such as musicians, curators, inventors, designers and a wide range of researchers and academics. The collaborative approach in Bernardino’s practice is based on their belief that art is a catalyst for social change, as it is an essential element in community engagement and communal interaction. They further extend their work with a curatorial practice through "_inventory", a collaboration-based platform that organizes shows in alternative and public spaces, aiding in the co-creation of projects and programs to engage communities in art through public performances, events and discussions in the urban and rural contexts.  

Watermelon, 2022, Digital Illustration
part of Sari-Sari Series in collaboration with Roby Nugroho and Anang Saptoto

Pao, 2021, Watercolour, A4
part of Have You Eaten? Artist Cookbook, by Touch Kchao

Sinigang, 2021, Digital Illustration
part of Have You Eaten? Artist Cookbook, by Manasawi Rojanaphan

Salo-Salo 2022, Digital Poster, London Salo-salo poster for May 2022