update: 2013.1.1

Born in 1981. Graduated from Universidad de Los Andes (Venezuela) with a degree in Art History in 2006. In 2008 she made a master in Exhibition Art Projects Management from Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava (Barcelona, Spain). Recently she curated the shows such as "I Biennial of Emergent Art. The Kinetic legacy" (Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas, Caracas, Venezuela, 2012), "Bring Your Own Beamer Caracas" (Venezuela, 2012), "1º, 2 & 3 Edition of Ephemeral: creative cooking sessions" (Spain 2010) and co-curated "Digital Kitsch: three decades of interferences in the web" (Spain 2011). And also she curated and produced "Bring Your Own Beamer La Havana" (Cuba, 2012) and produced "Community art project Celarg and the Community" (Center of Latinoamericans Studies, Venezuela, 2012).

I'm an independent art curator and cultural producer based in Venezuela and Spain. In 2009 founded the curatorial collective of art and cultural production Producción Aleatoria. One part of my work is focusing in the research of art forms in relation with the digital technologies and their contribution to the new approaches of Contemporary Art. In 2011 I co-develop as a curator the exhibition Digital Kitsch: three decades of interference in the web, winning of the Call of Visual Arts in Can Felipa Cultural Center in Barcelona, Spain. Currently I´m developing research projects related to artistic, social and political environment of Venezuela. 
About works / performance
As a curator my final goal is the research and communication of the art forms that permit us to understand contemporary realities both in digital and real context. I concern about the digital media as a tool of critical social and also focus on the artistic process that involves the cultural and educational benefits of the communities in difficult social conditions.  

Kitsch Digital: three decades of interference in the web, 2011 (Barcelona)

Kitsch Digital: three decades of interference in the web, 2011 (Barcelona)

BYOB LA HAVANA, 2012 (Cuba)