update: 2024.1.16


AKONITO explores discomfort in everyday life through their works. In the course of our daily lives, they suddenly finds ourselves in a state where our thoughts are not connected to reality. In order to explore the strangeness caused by this disconnection between reality and personal narrative, they places importance on visiting places they has never been and experiencing the unique stories of those places.

Recent exhibitions:
2023 “Green guys with red breath.,” Tochuda Building, Tokyo
2022 “Do my feet still touch the ground?,” Tokyo University of the Arts
2021 “Dear my mercurial…,” Region revitalization base facility, Fukushima
2020 “TXTourismus,” Künstakademie Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen
2018 “The Dust of the World, Washed by Droplets of Dew,” Izutsu Yashiki and surrounding areas, Kagawa, Japan

About works

AKONITO's works often feature ghosts, which they defines as entities that have lost their substance and to which someone has given a story. Ghosts are not created consciously. They believes that ghosts are the result of human beings' ability to create stories. AKONITO calls such an outburst of human creativity a ghost.

 Noticeable LED display 2023, performance, 40 min. / Photo by Sanekatsu Toda

Evidence 4 2023, video / Photo by Yuri Yamada

You are the only one for me. 2023, clay for pottery, glaze / Photo by Kana Nishio

geister 2022, oil on canvas

Ghost Meeting 2020, video

Kommunikationsstunde 2019, video, 11min. 9sec.