Residency Program

Local Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.8.27


Participating Project    
Local Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedJapan
Period 2019.9 - 2019.11
Purpose of the residency

In a modern world with intricately divided cultures and borders, by sharing myths (art works) that will connect people organically, I intend to make dialogue with others. I want to exchange ideas and opinions about the process to inherit historical memories, and promote mutual understandings through visual expressions that is non-verbal communication tools.

Plan during the residency

· Sept: Document research at National Diet Library. Obtain research permission at personal houses.
· Sept. Oct. Nov.: Developing works in darkroom.
· Oct.; Photograph and video making works at personal houses in Tokyo.
· Oct.: ” Shadow in the House” presentation at PORT ART&DESIGN TSUYAMA(Tsuyama/Okayama).
· Nov.: Video editing. Real works producing. Complete installations.

Activities during the residency

Otsubo Akira, based in Kanagawa, has been working on the “Shadow in the House” Project. In order to research the tension and reception process to the Western lifestyle during the post-war era in Japan, she examines personal memories hidden behind history but still remains as traces in the house. While in TOKAS residency, she explored and photographed private housings in the Greater Tokyo Area that had been requisitioned by the GHQ (General Headquarters of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces) from 1945 to 1952, and produced photo and video works, collaborating with dancers. By adding fictional operation on it, her works intend to present these historical facts as allegorical stories.

Installation view at OPEN STUDIO

Installation view at OPEN STUDIO

Installation view at OPEN STUDIO

Shadow in the House_ Former Yamada House (Setagaya, Tokyo), Type C Print, 2019

Shadow in the House_ Former Maeda Family's Principal Residence (Meguro, Tokyo), Type C Print, 2019

Research view at Former Maeda Family's Principal Residence

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