Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.10.7

SOYA Asae 

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program
(Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity Based
City / Place stayed 
Basel / Atelier Mondial
Period2018.4 - 2018.6
Purpose of the residency

Implement and present the Basel version of my "Light Collection Project."

I am doing a new project to collect light from cities around the world and make art from it. With its strong beams of light, the Rhein river, and water fountains, Basel's light is very attractive because it is blessed with so much water to reflect the light. With this as my main subject, I will create 1) paintings that delicately express light with colors, and 2) paintings and installations analyzing those paintings based on the laws of shape and light. I will then hold an exhibition showing the characteristics of that light, as well as the universality of light. In this way, I want to convey the message that even though modern society is becoming more divided, the light that surrounds us is actually connected beyond national borders even though it looks different in each place.

Plan during the residency

Creation; - Field work: Explore the area and research the light of Basel.

- Painting: Use information obtained in field work to create colorfully rich, delicate oil paintings, etc. depicting the light of Basel.

- Painting and installation creation: Create paintings and installations focusing on the rules of light and shapes created in the above paintings, as well as the relationship with space.


- Combine the above paintings and installations to hold an exhibit presenting the characteristics of the light of Basel as well as the universality of light.

- Throughout my stay, I will work to proactively interact with others in the art world, research global art trends, spread awareness of my own exhibitions, and present my pieces.

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