Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.10.4


Participating Project
Exchange Residency Program
(Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedSwitzerland / Germany
Period2018.1 - 2018.3
Purpose of the residency

In Tokyo I will develop my work on two levels:

In terms of content through the exploration of Zen and Martial Arts. Practical with the technique of Virtual Reality.

To me this combination seems to be particularly interesting and effective, because both aspects pursue a holistic claim in a very different way and are, to a certain extent, contradictory directions.

Zen and Martial Arts are very much about attitude and mindset, a deal with time, movement, energy and strength, synchronizing with yourself and the environment. VR puts the viewer almost seamlessly into another world, into which he is very strongly immersed by hearing and sight. In this way, largely predetermined internal experiences are simulated or even triggered.

My plans during the residency in Tokyo include the concrete work on a VR project, which has the city of Tokyo and the Japanese Culture as a starting point, and also an active participation in a school for physical and / or mental work.

Time-wise I will produce material in this three months and after the residency work it up to a VR environment, which consists partly realistic and partly modified pictures. During my stay in Tokyo photographs, sketches and (digital) collages will be created.

Plan during the residency

- Zen

- Martial Arts

- Virtual Reality

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