Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.23


Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedAthens / Greece and Kiev / Ukraine
Period2017.6 - 2017.7
Purpose of the residency

At METASITU our projects are based on research about unique and emerging urban conditions in the context of our current contexts as well as speculative future scenarios. Our practice is cross-disciplinary, borrowing methodologies from different fields - architecture, video art, urban studies, urban sociology and media studies. Our previous work includes research about the Lebanese diaspora, alternative currencies in Nairobi that rely on technology, occupation strategies in the West Bank, religious masquerades in Sao Paulo and atomic/nuclear towns in Ukraine, scenarios and situations that, like "Inemuri Domus", not only represent the conditions of the contemporary urban life but also allows for development of speculative future scenarios.

Plan during the residency

Inemuri Domus is a project that aims to research forms of expanded domesticity by analyzing, mapping and unpacking public napping in the city of Tokyo. The phenomenon of Inemuri - on-duty-sleep -, caused mainly by the long commuting times and the expensive rents, requires a specific infrastructure that supports it: a series of semi-public establishments that offer access, in geographic, temporal and financial terms, to its users. Our intention is to document those parts of Tokyo's public domain that have been repurposed to accommodate the sleepers, challenging the limits of the traditional setup of the dwelling and the sleeping mat in particular. This phenomenon not only brings to the question issues of labor, production, global flows of capital and biological cycles of sleep but also the notions of public and private spaces and behaviors.

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