Anne Büscher

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.10.28

Anne Büscher

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedThe Netherlands
Period2016.10 - 2016.11

The purpose of my participation is to put myself in an environment that encourages exchange, allowing new discoveries, and new ways in expanding the subtleties of my practice. My project at Tokyo Wonder Site will explore the sentience of materials and objects.
I will further develop my skills in the field of artistic research and materialization.

I enthusiastically look forward to experience how my work will develop under the influence of Japanese culture and craftsmanship and the City of Tokyo. I have a large affinity for Japanese craftsmanship. I admire its delicate treatment of material with a sense of amazement. The mentality of embracing little mistakes and variations makes Japanese craftsmanship very special in my eyes and has similarity to my working methods.

Plan during the residency

The goal of the project is to undertake systematic material experimentations, observations and a documentation of all the (unsought)findings concerning glass in relation to the (human)body. One of my latest works ‚the unsought finding(s) of wearing glass' will be the initial point of this research. In Tokyo I will search for all kinds of worn glass, collect them and take pictures how they act, react or appear in the environment. Through the crosspollination of ideas, my project and practice's development will be set into motion by the other participants. My presentation will move fluidly between applied art pieces, arrangements of objects and scientific documentation.

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