Konrad Juściński

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.9.19

Konrad Juściński 

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity Based
Period2016.9 - 2016.9 
Purpose of the residency

The basic task I set to myself during my stay in Tokyo is the reflection on the notion of "a safe place" and utopia. I am also going to prove the meaning of the process of feeling a place as a state of specific concentration. This definition attributes a special relation to space, a relation which is connected with movement of body. From the perspective of the subject of my project it is an interesting starting point to consider the hypothesis: is any lasting being in a safe place possible?
I strongly connect the process of searching for safe places with an activity called "noticed accident". Accident and (provoked) taking note of it are an important aspect of artistic work to me, an aspect which emerges from outside and makes action necessary. How can we understand the notion of being in a place?

Plan during the residency

I am planning research for a cycle of performances and work with a place through making in-situ installations.
I would like to redefine the popular understanding of the notion of safety which is forced into one scope and perceived as something permanent. The basic elements of the study I am planning to carry out is contemplation of change and an analysis of the state of places through work with the object and the body (performance, installations, objects).

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