Mirna Bamieh

Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.10.24

Mirna Bamieh

Participating ProjectInternational Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedPalestine
Period2016.5 - 2016.7
Purpose of the residency

Since 2013, my career has been taking a more defined direction; the time, focus and dedication that I give to my projects during residences, such TWS, were always key moments in this development, that i look forward to with anticipation.
During residency period with TWS, I would like to explore Tokyo, and expose myself to a new mode of language, cultural codes and ways of interaction, that would sometimes intersect and sometimes differ from what is habitual and familiar to me.
I would like to have a first hand contact with artists and institutions working in Japan whose practice intersects with my interest and research. During the residency I will be working on 2 main projects: "Kitsch me, Kitsch me not", and the Tokyo edition of "Potato Talks" public performance project.

Plan during the residency

- Research and production of "Kitsch me, Kitsch me not: Palestine Edition" a multi-media installation that looks at "National Kitsch", the use and abuse of Palestinian symbols and symbolic representations for national identity formation.
- work on developing a site-specific edition to Tokyo of " Potato Talks" Public performance project.
- stage the 6-hour auto writing performance in a café in Tokyo, an ongoing project that will eventually become a publication/ artist book.
- Artist talk that presents my work, and gives a glimpse on Palestinian Art.

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