Esau Acosta

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.11.7

Esau Acosta

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)                 
Activity BasedSpain
Period2013.9 - 2013.10
Purpose of the residency

The project aims to establish a study on ways of generating city from the premise of collective construction. Interpreting the notion of the city as a packed crowd of elements. When considering the architecture not as individual buildings, but as a set of initiatives, the relationship between architecture and the city transforms emphasizing the need to think collectively a better urban environment. This trend, referred to the project as' Redefining community "is illustrated with a test case- specific models of Madrid and Tokyo to present paradigmatic aspects. We will use the street as a trigger to link the two cities, because, despite being the support of the public space. In Tokyo we can speak of "Moral Street": places where order is not negotiated but showing and legitimized, and in Madrid we can talk about "Politic Street": open to negotiation where power is routinely resisted and where people are freed from moral discipline. The project will talk about Yokocho areas, machizukuri concept, and so on.

Plan during the residency

The residency period will be a extraordinary opportunity to continue researching about Atelier Bow Wow approach to urban studies. I will make same discussions about the concepts "Moral Streets" and "Politic Streets" as a way to re-define collectivity. Some models and documentation will be developed trough some cases of machizukuri, Yokocho and neighborhood gardens. Also I am going to continue editing my drawings, photos, construction documentation about the project "G House" to contribute to open the traditional black-box of construction processes. On the other hand the possibility of sharing workspace with creators from different disciplines, is always a source of wealth for thinking and personal development.

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