Yishay Garbasz

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.11.7

Yishay Garbasz

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedGermany
Period2013.5 - 2013.8
Purpose of the residency

The aim of my residency program at TWS is to explore the small changes that came about in Japanese society after the disaster in Fukushima. As it is impossible to grasp the magnitude of such events directly, or its overall impact all at once, this project will explore the minute changes in everyday life with the intent that this will cast light on the larger picture. One of the many noticeable changes has been in the large public demonstrations against nuclear energy. This is very rare in Japanese culture. Although this was unheard of previously, nowadays demonstrations with ordinary Japanese people are being held every week. This will be my starting point. This will also be where I will find the people to interact with in order to explore the changes. Outside of maps and charts, the impact can be found in the small mundane details of everyday life. Therefore, the project's framework will be to follow six people from very different backgrounds. Fukushima as it is reflected in day-to-day life, not merely as an abstraction. Fukushima reflected in the choice of food or the changes of priorities. On the other hand, there are also major changes, such as demonstrations and the continuing physical repercussions of the disaster. The use of individual lives as a framework will help to organize the information.

Plan during the residency

I will be exploring visual evidence of changes, such as different brands of vegetables being bought for fear of radiation, the use of the Geiger counters, the worry about water, or the treatment of small children, but also shift of interests and the reduction of luxury buying and spending overall. There are long-term effects of post-traumatic reactions: the psychological effects of a traumatic event that changes live forever. However this is an ongoing phenomenon. What do these changes consist of?
The goal of the project is a photographic large format study of everyday life. Images with one constant thread: change. These images will contrast with the well-publicized images of large scale destruction and rebuilding..
By listening to the people around me, not just the people involved in the project, I will be able to record more details. My past experience with Japan will allow me to compare with my last stays there, and thus independently perceive changes. It will also enable me to be more productive, as I will not have to deal with culture shock and I already have friends and local contacts, who are able and willing to assist me. Returning again to the TWS will allow me to strengthen my connections in and with Japan, and allow for additional cross-cultural fertilization.

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