Marina Kappos

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.7

Marina Kappos

Participating Project   Reserch Residency Program                                               
Activity Based United States
Period 2013.4 - 2013.6
Purpose of the residency

Japan has a long history in the art of textile design and there are many different methods of creating textiles that are unique to the Japanese tradition. This extensive history can provide valuable insight into the heart of the Japanese aesthetic. Tokyo is a city that has abundant resources and examples for researching this topic. TWS's central location allows me the opportunity to study and research in great detail. TWS also provides me with a platform to interact with the Tokyo community. Textiles and their various processes produce beautiful works of art that could prove to be an inspiring, modern and complex way of creating imagery for my own practice.

Plan during the residency

Because this is a research project, I'll be looking for inspiration everywhere that I can.
I would like to speak with experts in the field and visit as many artisans, workshops and facilities producing textiles. I would like to take the time to see some traditional techniques of dying fabrics, weaving, or even the process of making paper. I'll visit museums, explore contemporary design stores, flea markets, and shops selling fabric remnants. 

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