Fu Yu

Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.3.15

Fu Yu

Participating ProjectInternational Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedChina
Period2012.1 - 2012.3
Purpose of the residency

Our former work, always pursue a sense of rapidity. We love to influence audiences with the rhythm we made. We hope this Tokyo stay project can give us a chance to learn to watch and catch details, and work with a slower and more patient attitude. We used to cooperate with various arts groups from different countries and genres, however, we think the way we work are more "indoors" and abstract. Maybe it comes from our inward personalities. We hope in Tokyo, working with people and scenes that we are interesting in, we will be able to change our creative habits in a way. With pure "interests", we are intended to make our works close to the local environment and people.

Plan during the residency

During the time we stay in Tokyo ,we hope we can find keywords of Tokyo belong to our own. Those words come from those exciting details of Tokyo, such as sushi, Chinese Characters, Sakura, electric wires, bow, supermarkets, crows, , slot machine, salespeople, streets and so on. We will make individual works based on every single keyword, they can be an interesting video, a piece of music, a sound art, an automatically generated visual program...These works (would name after those keywords) are multi-media pieces about Tokyo, and form our personal impression about the amazing metropolis. At the same time, we hope to find some more specific keywords, which would have some special meanings to us. Especially traditional things that had disappeared in China but still be reserved in Japan.

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