Yuko Mohri

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.11.21

Yuko Mohri

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity BasedJapan
Period2011.11 - 2012.2
Purpose of the residency

I am based in Tokyo, and look for the idea and material around here. The purpose of this program is create a new installation Based on the results which is research daily use, life, habit and so on in Barcelona.

Plan during the residency

This residency program will be first stay in Barcelora for me. Then I spend a time mostly for research about there in the first month. Especially artificial ecological space which is a zoo, a botanical garden, an aquarium and so on. During the second month, start to consider about final installation. I'm expecting that equipments and collaboration with staff of Honger. The production phase. Concentrate for build up a installation during final month. In the final stage, I seek to make artwork high-quality finished form.

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