Krissakorn Thinthupthai

Residency Program

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update: 2019.11.26

Krissakorn Thinthupthai

Participating ProjectGuest Creator Project Program
Activity BasedThailand
Period2011.9 - 2011.12
Purpose of the residency

1.I have a plan to make short film about a shape of Japan cloud with imagination of children. The innocent of perspective will come along with miserable of people. I will shoot by Digital camera and drawing animation.  
2.I thinking about The Side projects that perform by viewing from top of tower to outside. Its show Thai landmark on japans landscape. I will make this film by 8mm camera.
3.I will perform Thai Scream among crowd of people. Shooting by digital camera
4.I have a Short film about Tsunami that I intend to dedicate for japans. 

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