Jacob Ter Veldhuis (Jacob TV)

Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2019.11.27

Jacob Ter Veldhuis (Jacob TV)

Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program
Activity BasedThe Netherlands
Period2010.11 - 2010.12
Purpose of the residency

I am in Tokyo to attend the first portrait concert of my work, given by Masanori Oishi and friends, on Dec 1 at VACANT, and thought this would be a great oportunity to present my music at TWS, sinced Japanese musicians are beginning to discover my work.

Plan during the residency

"Jacob TV Lecture" (Showa University of Music)
"Jacob TV Show" (Vacant)

I am presenting my work, like the new video opera THE NEWS, that I hope to bring to Japan in 2013, and I hope to find more sound bytes from Japanese social and cultural life that I can write compositions about, as part of my new opera will have scenes from Japanese media.

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