Daniel Jacoby

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.9.20

Daniel Jacoby

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)
Activity Based
Period2010.10 - 2010.12
Purpose of the residency

The purpose of my stay at Tokyo Wonder Site is to meet Japanese artists I can work with. I am involved in a long-term project called Untitled Story, which is a chain of five correlative adaptations. For each chapter, I invite a new artist, from a different discipline and provenance, to make an adaptation based on the previous adaptation. In the end, the cycle will become circular, since the last part will be written by the author of the novel everything began with.

Plan during the residency

Exchange Residency Program 2010, Invitation (Barcelona)

Born 1985 in Lima, Peru, Jacoby graduated from the University of Barcelona and has widely exhibited his works in Spain. His most notable solo and group shows were his exhibitions
at CA2M (Madrid, ES), Centre d'Art La Panera (Lleida, ES) and MEIAC (Extremadura, ES). He is currently preparing his first solo show at the Toni Tàpies Gallery (Barcelona, ES) and will soon take part in an artist-inresidency program at ARE (Enschede, NL).

During my stay at TWS, a will look for a mangaka to work with and I will be monitoring the process of adaptation. Apart from that, I would like to take advantage of the time and space given by the fact of being abroad to focus on research and exchange. Read, visit nearby places, go to shows, get to know people, talk and relate myself with the Japanese artistic context and culture.

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