Masaru Iwai

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.11.26

Masaru Iwai

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad)
Activity BasedJapan
Period2010.08 - 2010.11
Plan during the residency

Residency Program Exihibition 2010-2011 "TOKYO STORY 2010"
AIR! AIR! AIR! Vol. 2
Exchange Residency Program Annual Debriefing Session 2010
Performance "Taipei Washing" (Treasure Hill Artist Village)
Talk Event "The M.I.X - identity -" (Treasure Hill Artist Village 202 studio)
Lecture (Taipei National University of the Arts)
Exchange Residency Program 2010, Dispatch (Taipei)

I'd like to research in condition of city development and clean-up activity in Taipai. This time, Especially I'll focus to former Japanese house in Taipei that seem leftover in there. and I'm going to show to Taipai people what make a plan for reuse of former Japanese house.

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