Aglaia Konrad

Residency Program

Institutional Recommendation Program

update: 2019.6.18

Aglaia Konrad 

Participating ProjectInstitutional Recommendation Program
Activity BasedAustria
Period2010.5 - 2010.6
Purpose of the residency

She will participate in the exhibition "PSYCHOANALYSIS - Gazes on Photo and Video Art from Austria" from May 29(Sat.) to Aug 1(Sun.) at TWS Shibuya.

Plan during the residency

PSYCHOANALYSIS: Gazes on Photo and Video Art from Austria

Achievements of the residency

My main purpose was to research metabolist architecture in Japan.
As the subject matter of my photographic work is: the contemporary city, architecture, urban transitions and phenomena etc. The development of cities since modernism is what i try to research with the medium photography as a 'filter'. To ask questions, to understand the increasing complexity of city life in its mode of organisation. All my projects are based on the experience of urbanity at the spot, and these images, they construct my archive.
I deliberately visit cities or metropolises from a list that I made up from the perspective of my interest in structure, growth, character specific and unspecific.
Every of my city-experiences had convinced me of its specific as well as generalised qualities as a metropole. Some are too big to handle, some are planned, most are chaos and all is overwhelming.
Order and disorder, distance, passage or sinking and drowning in the overall experience of city life.
For me the residencey at Tokyo Wonder Site was a good experience, to meet with other artists and to be able to pose questions to people from the field . The program offers a very good opportinuity to foreign and japanese artists to meet, discuss and to concentrate on their work. Also the show at Tokyo Wonder Site seemed to offer a plattform to western- and japanese artists to get to know, to pose questions and exchange subjects and thoughts which are differently spoken about within a monocultural scene.
The material i could gather during my stay will be developed to a new piece in the next coming months, but i also continue researching this really interesting but short periode of the metabolists. My stay in Japan was too short to work on everything I had in mind but hopefully there will be another time to come back and continue at the spot.

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