Hiroharu Mori

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (Japan-based creators sent abroad)

update: 2019.11.26

Hiroharu Mori

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Japanese Creators sent abroad) 
Activity BasedJapan
Period2010.4 - 2010.7
Purpose of the residency

Producing an exhibition at Faculty of Art & Design Faculty Gallery, Monash University:
The exhibition will be composed with two major video installations, which focuses on idea of acting and speech.

Production of artworks:
I would like to produce two works during my stay at Monash University. These works will be
collaborative projects with students and people from local community.

Creating a dialogue on studio art practice and its education:
Creating a dialogue and discussion with faculty members is a research activity I would like to work on at Monash University. This dialogue and discussion will be focus on the idea of tudio art practice as well as its education.

Plan during the residency

AIR! AIR! AIR! Vol.2
Exchange Residency Program Annual
Debriefing 2010
Exhibition "Housewives, Politicians"
Lunchtime Art Forum Series 2010
Lecture for 1st and 2nd year students in
painting class
Workshop with students
Workshop"workshop for question"
(Light_Projects Gallery)
Exchange Residency Program 2010,
Dispatch (Melbourne)

Achievements of the Exchange

[Upon completing the delegation stay]
The Monach University facility was proved to be very beneficial: in addition to my own studio photography studio, video studio, woodworking studio and library could be used. It was very useful to be able to reach important resources for research and production easily and was much different from the residency which only provides a working studio. It was also a large merit to be able to hold a workshop with the cooperation and participation of the faculty members and students of the university.
Because the schedule was very tight as I had to hold an extension lecture on the next day of arrival and the exhibition opened in 3 weeks after that, I could not include any work produced at the site in the show. However, since my works were shown to the public at the early stage of my residency, it became very easy to ask faculties and students for collaboration on my project, and moreover, I could meet and talk to curators and critics at the exhibition site; consequently the exhibition was held at the right time.
Some projects which have tested (in workshops, by photo and video shooting), worked over and started in Melborne will be continuously developed in Japan.

[Encounters with people outside the Monach University]
The Monach University Gallery staffs have arranged meetings with various people outside the institution such as artists, curators, art critic and gallerists. Among all I found the meetings with the local artists most interestingl as we exchanged discussions on Australian and Japanese art in depth by visiting studios and having dinner together. I enjoyed exchanging ideas on art educations with artists and curators who work as faculty members of the Monach University as well.

Out come of the Exchange

 Extension lecture at the Monach University
 Exhibition at the Monach University Faculty Gallery (solo show)
 Article on the Exhibition appeared on the newspaper The Age
 Lecture on the exhibition works at the Gallery: held for painting major undergraduates of the Monach University School of Fine Arts (3 classes).
 Observed painting and performance classes at the School of Fine Arts
 Held a workshop for a video project (11 students participated)
 Visited artists' studios
 Exchanged ideas with faculty members of the Monach University on art educations
 Visited Bionic Ear Institute (office of a scientist) for seeking a possibility of collaboration
 Held a workshop at 'right projects' (artist-run-space) (8 students and 2 faculties participated); it is planned to be developed to a project involved with Melbourne North Court area community in collaboration with the Monach University faculty members and students
 Participated in the exhibition "remoteness" (July 20- December 12, 2010)at Frankston Arts Centre (group show).

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