Samuel Dermigny

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update: 2019.11.27

Samuel Dermigny

Participating ProjectGuest Creator Project Program
Activity Based
Period2010.1 - 2010.2
Purpose of the residency

I'm invited artist for the Double vision project. This project aims to create artistic and theoretical collaboration between japanese and french students and artists in order to inspire intercultural reflections and productions. The program's objectives is to constitute a platform of reflection concerning occurances between the relationships of reality and fiction in contemporary art, more specifically in still and moving images.

Plan during the residency

France/Japan University Exchange Project "DOUBLE VISION"

I will work with photography and video in order to questions architecture, fiction , tales and modernity fantasy.

Achievements of the residency
This residency helps me to focus and realize my works. I was able to make all my differents projects. The relationships with Japanese art students were interesting and we helped each others in a way to go deeper in our reflections.

Activities after the residency

After the Tokyo wonder site residency, I went back to Nantes in order to make the next exhibtion of Double vision in "Lieu unique" and "Ensbanm gallery".
After this exhibition, we were invited to exhibit our video works in the "Yokohama France video collection 2010". Now, with Guillaume Fouchaux we are invited by the Nantes city and "cosmopolis space" to oraganize an exhibition about our Japanese artworks, our exhibition is call "welcome downtown" and it's planned for september. Last project, the september 20th I will go to Ouarzazate (Marocco) in order to make a new video work. It will be a 1 month trip where I will work about desert, utopia, cinema fascination, cinema sets and the questions of fiction aeras close to the town of Ouarzazate.

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