Helena Waldmann

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update: 2019.12.2

Helena Waldmann

Participating ProjectGuest Creator Project Program
Activity BasedGermany
Period2009.12 - 2009.12
Purpose of the residency

The performing workshop, which I conducted for a related event of "On the Agenda of Arts" was supposed to be an acting workshop - open to everybody. I had about 15 participants from all over the world - Sweden, Libanon, Iran, Canada,Vietnam, USA and Japan - and from different professional backgrounds.

Plan during the residency

On the Agenda of the Arts "NEW COMMONS"

I have had chosen "The Forgetting" as a common ground for my workshop which was hold under the TWS heading "New Commons". The forgetting is a a subject with we have in common everywhere in the world. Every participant knows about it by his or her own experiences, using their very individual forms of expression.

Activites after the Residency

Premiere November 4, 2010 Revolver Besorgen, Dance 2010 in Munich

BurkaBondage "BurkaBondage" is the passion and pain of two female dancers struggling for freedom from under the burka, total Islamic coverage, and the restraints of Japanese bondage. In December 2010 the production will tour in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka for three weeks.

Tentlanders Unplugged Return to sender with 5 Iranian performers and live music by Mohammad Reza Mortazavi as open air version.

April 21, 2011 Forget it! Radialsystem in Berlin

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