Angel Nuñez Pombo

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program (International creators from abroad)

update: 2019.11.28

Angel Nuñez Pombo

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedSpain
Period2009.9 - 2009.11
Purpose of the residency

In several occasions over the last few years my work has been read and related to work produced by Japanese artists, this caused me curiosity and a growing interest in seeing the work produced in Japan and this residency would allow me to meet Japanese Artists, to establish a dialog with them and to experience the work that they are doing from first hand.

Plan during the residency

Exchange Residency Program 2009, Invitation (Barcelona)

Continuing the development of my work.

Achievements of the residency
During my residency I was interested in produce work that will deal with the experience of the city and was of extremely importance to me to create works using light as a material, I am interested in how light and color are subjectively perceived in the urban enviroment. Usually in my work the space is of great importance, and the work develops as a reaction of this space. The overwhelming use of light and attention to space in every detail in Tokyo was the core idea of the developing of this series of pieces. And being light a material used in my work again and again I was extremely interested in use the lights of the city as readymade for creating different pieces. The main concern of my work is to allow the spectator to be aware of his own systems of perception and his own processes of viewing and I normally use light and the space as raw material to achieve this. About my most immediate activities I am currently showing work at Espacio Atlantico a new Art Fair inVigo, Spain and Preparing an important group show at Macuf Museum in Coruña (Spain) with the common theme of "light", and also preparing an installation that will be shown in the Arco Art fair in February in Madrid,Spain.

Outcome of the exchange
During my residency at Tokyo Wonder site I was investigating in the possibilities of developing some pieces using video projection mapping, projecting images in several different planes of the space at the same time. For those pieces I was shooting video from the ads in the streets of Tokyo and pot processing them to be able to project the video in different planes of the space to create sculpture pieces with light and a of a abstract miniature reproduction of the city in the gallery space. I was working also in some sculptures that use light movement and words, using programming and robotics. And The third project in which I was working are installation that took a video from the metro of Tokyo that will show a loop of both views from the city from the entire line, this will be presented with motion detection systems to modify the views depending on the spectator presence.

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