Residency Program

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update: 2019.12.2


Participating ProjectJENESYS Programme
Activity BasedIndia
Period2009.5 - 2009.7 
Purpose of the residency
I've always been fascinated by the Japanese culture. this stay gives me the opportunity to explore Japanese culture, food and the opportunity to meet and learn from other creative people from other parts of the world who'll be doing the residency programme with me. I look forward to translate my experience into art works and a fashion collection inspired by my trip. I'm also open to the idea of doing collaborative art and fashion works with the other creative people doing the programme along with me .above all I'm looking for creating a human to human connection which we seem to losing at an alarming rate.
Plan during the residency
OPEN STUDIO 2009 To meet and interact with the established and upcoming fashion designers, artists, musicians. To learn from them and share all that I've learned in the 18 yrs of my career. Also to paint and create art works inspired by Tokyo, its people and my experience there.

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