Trixi WEIS

Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.29

Trixi Weis

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedLuxembourg
Period2009.2 - 2009.3
Purpose of the residency

Confront myself with a culture that is new to me, observe different rules, take knowledge of different traditions, old and contemporary and get drawn in a city of 12 million people, coming from a city of 280.000 people. Try to get impressions about the mass and the individual and hope to get in touch with artists of Tokyo to exchange.

Plan during the residency

Exhibition "little stories" (Embassy of Luxembourg)
Spend as much time as possible outside watching, visiting as much museums and galleries as possible, concerts, ,parks, shops, try to make contacts in the underground scene for day and nightlife, eat japanese food and culture and hopefully make a work out of it, installation or video.

[ Activity Report ]
My residency in Tokyo Wonder Site was a research program and that's how I took the opportunity to research in many different ways about Japan in a perfect condition with many facilities. It has been my first journey in Japan, so that my interests were very large. I created a Blog during my stay, not as a diary, but as little stories around one theme every day. It could be about people, about nature, about umbrellas, about food, about noise music, bugaku, about sexshops, mangakissa, about dogs, about architecture, etc. It was a perfect motor to see and live as much tokyoït culture as possible, to meet people and to discover their culture. I was especially lucky since I have been there at the right season to experience Hanami, all artfairs and to be able to make a show in Tokyo at the Embassy of Luxembourg, where I showed old and new works.

■I was doing 2 new videos: "TOKYO": a 1 minute video which is a wisdom to the city and the greatful people I met. In that video I was helped by a member of the stuff, who translated the text for me, so that i could say my words in Japanese. "LITTLE STORIES": a 25 minutes video, where I filmed only people's feet near a subway exit in Shibuya. There more aspects in this video. One is the amount of crowd on that spot. Another one is the enormous diversity of shoes at one same season, boots, sandales, ..., an astonishing witness of the fashion of Tokyos' streetwear, which also shows all different personnalities of people. Last aspect is the changement of rythm between fluant walk and trafficjam just in front of a drogerie where a seller is regularly announcing cheap prices of the day through his megaphone. I had an extremly pleasant experience during my stay and took a lot of good energy and working material on my way home. For the moment I am working on an installation inspired by "The Music" ("Ongaku", Movie, 1972) from Yukio Mishima. I hope to be able to apply for another residency in Tokyo Wonder site.

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