Residency Program

Research Residency Program

update: 2019.11.29

Maya Hewitt

Participating ProjectResearch Residency Program
Activity BasedUnited Kingdom
Period2009.2 - 2009.4
Purpose of the residency

*To create a new body of work based upon my continuing experiences and impressions of life in Japan as a London-based artist. The work will be exhibited at Soko Art Centre, Taipei- bridging the Asian art scene between Japan, Taipei and the UK.
*To allow for further bridging of cultures to be viewed by a wider audience, in a public space within the framework of contemporary art.
* Be creatively influenced by the visual culture of Tokyo and its people, furthering my dialogue between the UK and Japan.
* Establish lasting links with other Japanese contemporary artists and forge cross-border projects in an aim to create art-dialogues.

Plan during the residency


* Re-acquainting myself with Tokyo - gather research material, extensive photography documenting, sketchbook drawing, making notes, observing and planning.
*Allow for the many diverse faceted aspects of the city to be an integral part of constructing the framework for my new projects. Done so by observing the city and its people, visiting museums /contemporary art galleries/artist studios/bookshops/TWS library/speaking to contemporary artists and designers to understand current cultural aspects in Tokyo.
*Focus of enquiry will be directly moulded by the culture of the city itself, Looking into the aesthetics of the urban landscape of the megalopolis of Tokyo with the intension for the work to be reflective of elements relating to social sensibilities. 

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