floating view - new artists from suburbia


floating view - new artists from suburbia

Emerging Artist Support Program 2010



Titlefloating view - new artists from suburbia
Emerging Artist Support Program 2010
Date2011.2.26(Sat) - 2011.3.27(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
SEARS Co.,Ltd, Media Center of Students 7ch.
VenueTWS Hongo
Yusuke Sasaki / Tsubasa Ishitsuka / Haruko Sasakawa Yusuke Endo / Ryota Kawabe / ni_ka / Mikiko Tashiro Hitomi Seino / Daisuke Watanabe / Naoya Fujita
Ami Nakayama(Art Manager) / Kikyu Sakata(Designer)

A support program for aspiring planners and curators launched in 2006, calling for applications from young exhibition organizers with project proposals. In the past, the applications have not only come from curators but also from artists with their own self-produced project plans. Many of those artists' self-produced exhibition outlines have presented innovative ideas beyond existing genres in art. Three projects from 44 exciting applications from young curators and self-producing artists were selected for the Emerging Artist Support Program 2010.

  • ELASTIC VIDEO - curated by PLINQUE
    Organizer: Claudia Larcher
  • floating view - new artists from suburbia
    Organizer: Yusuke Sasaki
  • Girlfriends Forever!
    Organizer: Erina Matsui, Hanako Murakami

Roadside shopping malls and family restaurants, residential complexes and brand-new detached houses... Such outskirt scenarios as they can be found all across Japan have been subject to massive criticism for causing damage to the landscape, a loss of "hometowns", and a defection of local communities among others. However, even in Tokyo and other major cities, sceneries that are easily mistaken for suburban areas are no longer an uncommon sight today. As a consequence of globalization, the entire world is about to be covered by suburban landscapes. The issue of suburbanization is getting increasingly compelling for all of us. This exhibition features artists born in suburban environments, and those eager to modify and update suburban areas by their own hands. Without idolatrously pushing forward in optimistic reliance on technical innovation, and with no nostalgia worshipping things past and unrepeatable either, it is a novel kind of attempt to explore possible new styles of living in suburban environments.

Haruko Sasakawa, A Soft Shell of Robot, 2009, Installation view, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts Toride Annex, Ibaraki

Tsubasa Ishitsuka, mother, 2008, Installation view at Ino apartment complex, Ibaraki


Yusuke Sasaki

Born 1985 in Hyogo. Video artist and exhibition planner. Was awarded a Grand Prize for Tegami (Letter), a movie made during high school, in the public submissions category of the 2003 Image Forum Festival. Has since been working in film art while crisscrossing various other fields, including art projects, stage performances and exhibition planning. In 2010, made Always Dreaming...So, No Sleep. based on the Akihabara massacre, which was shown at Uplink Factory and evaluated as a "contemporary update of the landscape film genre." Also showed/exhibited his works at Vancouver International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, London Film Festival, the "Déjamais vu" Ikuo Hirayama Award exhibition, and others. Is presently attending a doctoral course at Tokyo University of the Arts.

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