ARTIST TALK Hansjürg Buchmeier

ARTIST TALK Hansjürg Buchmeier

Wednesday Lounge



TitleParticipated Creator ARTIST TALK Hansjürg Buchmeier Wednesday Lounge
Time19:00 - 21:00
AdmissionFree(with English-Japanese interpretation)
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Embassy of Switzerland
VenueTWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence
Hansjürg Buchmeier
Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama Creator-in-Residence is holding Wednesday Lounge as the place introducing residency creator's activities and promoting the cultural exchange. In this coming Wednesday Lounge, the Artist Talk of Hansjürg Buchmeier, a prominent artist living in Luzern, Switzerland, will be held on 24th October.

He has been honored with several important prizes and awards, among them the most desirable prize for art in Switzerland, which he achieved in 1983 and 1984. He also participated in creator-in residence programs, in Cuba, Spain, Paris. His works cover a variety of genres including photography, painting and design. His latest work named "Wrinkles" is the result of a collaboration with the poet Klaus Merz, in which he uniquely expresses human feelings with his own portrait. Among his major achievements is his photographic work on Mt. Pilatus, Luzern's landmark mountain, which culminates in his superb photo book, "One hundred Views of Mt. Pilatus." In this project, he drew inspiration from "One hundred Views of Mt. Fuji" by Katsushika Hokusai, the famous Japanese painter and woodblock artist, and his approach to the subject is a subtle dialog with ad a homage to Hokusai.
In this Wednesday Lounge on October 24th, Hansjürg Buchmeier will talk about the relationship between his "One hundred Views of Mt. Pilatus." and Hokusai's "One hundred Views of Mt. Fuji." Also, his wide range of works and their background will be introduced. Photos he has taken in this stay in "Tokyo" will also be presented.

《At the Dentist》 2004 『One Hundred Views of Mt. Pilatus』

《Wrinkles》 2006

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