Nine Fumiko Yamamoto-Masson is a Japanese-French interdisciplinary artist, researcher, community organiser. She studied cultural studies, Anglo-American studies, art history, Japanese studies, film studies at Sorbonne University (Paris), Humboldt University of Berlin, New York University, Goldsmiths, University of London, Waseda University (Tokyo), and is currently an external PhD candidate with University of Amsterdam’s School for Cultural Analysis.

Recent exhibitions:
2023 "Shipless Oceans" Latra Art Centre, Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece
2023 "Labyrinths & Ladders – Against the Weaponization of Time" Refugio & Widerstandsmuseum Galiläkirche, Berlin
2022 "Become Indecipherable" London Conference in Critical Thought, Birkbeck University, London
2022 "Noguchi: Resonances" Barbican Centre, London
2020 "Hitobashira no monogatari" F Factory, New York City

Other activities:
2022 Co-founder BIPoC Ukraine & friends in Germany, mutual aid community (@bipocukraine on Instagram)
2021 University lecturer, Japanese Studies, Leipzig University
2022 IMPACT Funding award, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe

About works / performance

Using academic and artistic research and interdisciplinary artistic practice (glitch as method and art as direct action), Nine Fumiko Yamamoto-Masson’s work analyses (neo)colonial gendered, racist, classist necropolitics of imperialisms and these regimes of power and knowledge attempts to control marginalised people not only in space, but also in time, seeking dominance also over the past, the future, and their overlaps. Her work focuses on decolonial epistemologies and abolition, highlighting art as a method of inquiry, knowledge-production, resistance, and transformation.
Her artistic research and practices embrace many methods and forms (drawing, installation, social practice, performance, writing, video, curating... ) always grounded in research, conceptual approaches, animated by theory, poetry, playfulness, and holding space for the unspoken.

49 Days 2021, performance, multimedia installation,
presented at performance art festival "Moving into Sunlight" Berlin

Allegiance to Nothing #04 (Collapse of Empire) 2020, installation for performance,
textile, brass, acrylic, 152 x 152 x 76.2 cm,
exhibition view solo exhibition FFactory, NYC, 2020

KIRIKIRI 2021, performance and video (20 mins,)
presented at Performance Art Festival Berlin 2021 / APAL (Asian Performing Artists Lab)

Is a Film a Bone 2020, essay film (10 mins,)
presented at exhibition "Where Will I Be Buried", NYC, 2020, and Queer Asia Film Festival, London, 2021.

2 Become None 2019, installation, various dimensions (300 x 150 x 150cm,)
ink on paper and mylar, video loop, steel whistles, dust masks, programmed electronics.