update: 2011.8.1


Laura Wilson was born in Belfast and studied at Central Saint Martins, London. Wilson makes sculpture, installations, drawings and performances. She has shown nationally and internationally, and has participated recently in research residencies at the Banff Centre in Canada and at Tokyo Wonder Site in Japan.

Selected exhibitions include; Publish & be damned @ Late at Tate, Tate Modern, 2009; Brief Encounter, Wolstenholme Projects, as part of the Liverpool Biennale 2008; Scene in the Making, Nicholls & Clarke building as part of Concrete & Class, London 2008; Endgames, Truck, Canada 2007; Ename Actueel 2007: Foundation, Belgium 2007; Sixty-Seven, South London Gallery, London 2006 and Perspective 2004, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast 2004. Wilson lives and works in London.

About works / performance

I want to bring the everyday into visibility, and for the viewer to pay attention to things that they frequently ignore. Site-specificity and its dialogue with architecture is something that informs my practice; I love reading about history and history's relationship to architecture - how it has been formed and shaped over time. Exploring notions of construction, demolition and the re-use of building elements both in terms of the materials that I am using and in the recontextualisation of actions and everyday events forming a kind-of cyclic archaeology.

Light Spin


Neither up nor down