SHOJI Masaru

SHOJI Masaru


2009  Completed the Master course
          in Experimental Art, Department of Art Culture, 
          Graduate School of Art and Design, 
          Tohoku University of Art and Design
2005  Initiation to Sogetsu Ikebana with the Professor Kanno Taen,
          up to present
2003  Graduated from the Faculty of Comprehensive Welfare,
          Department of Psychology for Human Welfare, Tohoku Fukushi University


Selected Workshops
"Momi-nication = crumpling by hand old magazines x communication"
2008  "Mo4" (Art and Rice Harvest Festival Edition), 
           Tsumuura Area (Market meeting place), Naoshima, Kagawa, Japan
2008  "Mo3" (Cosmos Festival 2008 Edition),
           Michinoku Park "Furufuru", Miyagi, Japan


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2009  Tea house "Momian", Dento-kan, Suijo No Theater, 
           Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata, Japan
2008  Plastic arts exhibition "reIV",
           Spazio Brera Ginza, 8th Floor "Studio", Tokyo
2008  Plastic arts exhibition "reIII",
           Onward Kashiyama Corp., "Square Gallery", Miyagi, Japan


Selected Open Air Installations
2008  1st Moribito Music Festival, "Cosmos",
           Michinoku Park "Furufuru", Miyagi, Japan
2008  "Date Hymn 2 [ C6H10appyO5 ]",
           Hall of worship of the Sendai Clan founder Masamune Date,
           Zuihoden, Otamaya, Miyagi, Japan
2008  Open campus project, "Multiplication", Dento-kan, Suijo No Theater, 
           Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata, Japan
2008  Art exhibition Michinoku Kigi "re-born VII",
           Michinoku Park, Miyagi, Japan


Selected Awards
2008  90th Sogetsu Ikebana exhibition "Hanaemi", 
         Takashimaya Nihonbashi, Tokyo, 'Sogetsu beginner prize'

About works / performance


Open campus project「増殖」展展示風景  2008
old magazine  W4500×H700×D10000(mm) Installation


≪空間芸術「reⅢ」展≫展示風景 2008
old magazine   W4000×H300×D14500(mm) Installation