post theater

post theater

post theater [new york / berlin / tokyo] is an interdisciplinary performing arts unit. Projects range from theater to dance, multi-media performances to installations. Reoccurring themes are identity and technology. post theater has presented more than 50 works in more than 30 cities in 15 countries. Hiroko Tanahashi (MFA in Design and Technology, Parsons School of Design, BFA in Film, New York University) and Max Schumacher (MA in Performance Studies, New York University, BA in Theater Studies and Dramaturgy, Humboldt University Berlin) are the artistic co-directors. They started the company 1999 in New York and mainly based in Berlin since 2002.
About works / performance

 Most recently (2008), post theater has created the performance "Napoleon D." (Berlin's most popular contemporary dance performance in 2008 with 28 sold-out performances at Dock 11 Berlin),
"Fight Club: A Chorus" (with 48 staff members of the Berlin State Opera) and "contrabass" (a new music performance with acrobatics at Radialsystem, Berlin). All works are documented on




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