Minh Duc PHAM

Minh Duc PHAM


Born in Bad Schlema, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin. Graduated with a MA in Exhibition Design and Scenography from Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in 2019, also studied performance and design theory at the Berlin University of the Arts.
Recent exhibitions and activities:
2022 performance “Semiotiken der Drecksarbeit,” Hebbel am Ufer HAU 3, Berlin
2021 “The wall between us,” Museo MA*GA, Milan
2021 performance “Be Part Of,” Gessnerallee, Zurich
2021 performance “Home Away From Home,” Cloud Gate Theater, Taipei
2019 "Water is water is water,” Turba Gallery, Hannover

Awards, Grants:
2022 Residency Exchange Program Site Specific Work by LES SUBSISTANCES, Lyon and HELLERAU - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste, Dresden
2021 Art Prize by Badische Beamtenbank, Karlsruhe
2020 Annual Grant for Visual Arts by Art Foundation Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart

About works

PHAM’s artistic practice examines the subject of identity at the intersection of gender, race, and class. PHAM transforms and inverts the aesthetics of materiality and questions the recipients first associations when encountering the works that disappear into a multitude of layers and fragments of meaning.

Little by little you would overcome your demons 2020, plastic foil, wire, tape, H:143 x W:190 x L:190 (cm)
Pham, Minh Duc

beauty flaws II -Dealing with expectations 2017, paper, acrylic paint, tape, H:150 x W:160 x L:40 (cm)
Pham, Minh Duc

A bouquet of tragic fates is blooming on my table 2019, lily, chrysanthemum, orchid, bowl, pedestal, fresh lilies, vase, H:55 x W:39 (photograph) , H:55 x W:43 (bouquet) (cm)
Pham, Minh Duc

Dreams in a shell 2022, PVC, printed, H:290 x W:130 (cm)
Pham, Minh Duc

C.C. - Don’t Kiss Me 2018, cotton, zipper, yarn, pads, hanger, H:210 x W:210 x L:150 (cm)
Pham, Minh Duc